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Dongfeng Honda's Engine Quality Ranks Among Honda's Global Plants

The engine quality of the Han-made passenger cars is ranked first in the Honda system's global production plant. Yesterday, Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. was informed that Dongfeng Honda already has 200,000 engine assembly production and 120,000 engine casting processing capabilities. Its production engine assembly indicators have reached the benchmark level of Honda's global production plants (outside the area The defective rate is less than 0.7%. In particular, the cylinder head casting level ranks first among Honda's global factories, and the cylinder casting level ranks in the top five.

In February 2004, Dongfeng Honda's first phase project was completed and put into production, forming an annual production capacity of 30,000 vehicles and engine assembly. In December 2005, Dongfeng Honda officially started the construction of 120,000 engines. In March 2007, the machining project was completed and put into operation. The Dongfeng Honda engine machining project consists of two production lines, a cylinder block and a cylinder head, with a design capacity of 120,000 units/year and production cylinders and cylinder heads for the Civic 1.8L and CR-V2.0L engines. The production line adopts a flexible manufacturing system to realize multi-type collinear production. In the future, only a small amount of investment is required to reach 240,000 units and add new models. In 2008, Dongfeng Honda completed the construction of an engine casting project. As a result, Dongfeng Honda Co., Ltd. has basically completed the casting, machining, and assembly processes of engine manufacturing, and ended Jiangcheng`s history of [with no engine". In May 2009, Dongfeng Honda built a new powertrain assembly plant, initially reaching a 200,000 sets/year powertrain production scale. Last year, Dongfeng Honda Motor Co. sold more than 210,000 cars. The company's engine manufacturing department scientifically scheduled production arrangements to a higher extent to meet the matching needs and reduce production costs.

How do many indexes of Dongfeng Honda engine casting reach the benchmark level of Honda system? Dongfeng Honda's Deputy Minister of Engine Manufacturing introduced that, from the introduction of process equipment, the company optimized the imported equipment by learning from the experience of Honda and other Dongfeng brothers, combining the characteristics of the process and its own reality. If the original low-pressure casting air pressurization is improved to the inert gas nitrogen pressurization, the cooling conveyor line for the workpiece is optimized for the suspension cooling and the like by the drum type cooling. By strengthening personnel training, strict management, and coordinated production, stable control of casting beats and various production parameters is achieved. In addition, it also innovatively introduces a robotic mold spraying system to replace the existing manual spraying, which not only improves the quality of spraying, but also effectively protects the safety and health of the working staff. At present, the robotic mold spraying system has passed three tests and is expected to be put into mass production in March this year. After the project is completed, Dongfeng Honda will become the only company in the Honda system and even the domestic automotive industry to use the advanced robot system for pre-mold coating.

Dongfeng Honda Power Assembly Plant produces powertrains of the four models: Civic 1.8L, CR-V2.0L, 2.4L, and SI Platinum Core 2.4L. It is the first powertrain assembly in the world that combines Honda's first previously suspended chassis with an engine. Outbound factory. The entire assembly line uses a conveyor roller line and air friction suspension cable. This method not only improves the transmission efficiency, but also reduces the noise in the factory, creating a comfortable working environment for employees. In 2009, the plant introduced an engine traceability management system to automatically record operational information for safety and important functional parts, QA equipment, and important positions. Each engine has a detailed manufacturing history that can be queried. Thanks to a reliable quality assurance system, Dongfeng Honda's existing plant does not require a hot and cold test and ships directly to the outside. The outflow quality level ranks among the top in the Honda Manufacturing System.

According to Chen Binbo, executive deputy general manager of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., there are only a few domestic automakers with local engine production capabilities, and only Dongfeng Honda in Wuhan. In order to meet the increasing market demand, Dongfeng Honda has started to expand and build. After the Spring Festival this year, it will have a production capacity of 240,000 vehicles, and will have 240,000 engine production capacity next year.

In the 15 years since the development of the automotive industry in the Wuhan Development Zone, seven vehicle companies have been assembled, but some of the core components such as gearboxes still come from the outside. This year, the automotive industry in Wuhan Development Zone will usher in great development. Apart from the production of Shenlong Wuhan No. 2 Plant and Dongfeng Honda No. 2 Plant within the year, the development zone will also be dedicated to the introduction of key components such as automotive engines, transmissions, and automotive electronics. . At present, the Dongfeng Passenger Car Company's own-brand engine project is actively progressing. It is expected to commence construction this year and is expected to start production in 2011.